Reduce Your Stress

Journaling out anxious thoughts and emotions releases the intensity of these feelings. You will feel calmer and able to release any built up pressures. When you feel overwhelmed, write about it. Writing through your emotions helps to identify and address the root of your feelings. You may even find a solution to something you’ve never given attention to before. Making a habit to write about stressful events releases the hold they have on you. It’s important for you to find time to sit, relax, and write. Reducing stress by journaling improves your health.

Ideas to Begin Your Discipline of Journaling

  • Find a quiet place

  • Use earplugs

  • Put your feet up

  • Journal during lunch break

  • Journal at Night

  • Relax and write in bed

A Journal Prompt to Reduce Stress

Write about what is bringing on your anxiety right now. What about this situation is holding you hostage? Why does it have power over you? How can you rethink and respond differently to this situation? Then write a scripture or scriptures to counter your stressful situation. One scripture can be Psalm 94:19 “When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” What consolation have you received today to cheer you soul? Which cares of your heart have melted away? Write for seven days the consolations you have received to cheer your soul. List them, reread them along with the scripture.