Write it Out to Get It Out

I often struggle with writing in my journal. Blank pages call me to fill them with words. What should I write? What should I inscribe on the lines? Each line points like an arrow piercing into the deep places of my heart. So, I attempt to pour out my emotions onto its pages.

Journal writing provides a way to release traumatic experiences. Because most people refuse to talk about their trauma, writing about it can shape the process of getting the pain out.

Journaling allows memories to unfold onto paper. These memories break through the shackles of time allowing new perspectives to come forth. Keeping negative experiences inside disturbs our health and well-being. When we open our hearts, we write about what we cannot speak. Then memories of the hidden places in our hearts become known.

Memories are messy.

Life is a journey.

We see what God wants us to see.

We experience healing.

“Behold, you desire truth in the innermost being, And in secret You will make wisdom known to me.”

Psalm 51:6 NASB

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4 thoughts on “Write it Out to Get It Out

  1. Phyllis, There was a time when I journaled every day. Every experience; good and bad, was written with hopes of one day sharing my story. Then when my time had finally come to escape the turmoil I was living with, in my haste, I left all of my journals behind. I have had to rely on my damaged memory, to reproduce what I lost. I do hope and pray that God will continue to help me and restore my memories so that my story can be told. Thank you for your blog, your wisdom and your friendship. Be well.

  2. Lynn, I can’t imagine how much those journals meant to you. I’m sorry you don’t have them anymore. I pray along with you that God will restore your memories to tell your story. I also have some journal pages that I placed in the trash. Probably should have kept them, but I remember some of the entries. Maybe one day, I will write a portion of what I can remember.

  3. Thank you, Phyllis, for this beautiful reminder to Write it Out to Get it Out! SO TRUE AND NECCESARY!
    I still amazed when I journal, especially the times when I say to myself i have nothing to say. That’s when it all comes out.

  4. Wendy, Thank you! Journaling is so healing. So much is revealed when it becomes a regular practice.

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