The Picture Frame

One of the hardest lessons I learned in academia was to analyze poetry. Yes, in high school and college the rigors of English courses require us to get into the mind of the poet. We are taught to pay attention to the theme, content, mood, and tone. Yet, the simplicity of reading and analyzing this poem through biblical parameters captivates me.

The Picture Frame
by Patricia Murray

A heavy clay fired frame
A note within
To read/ to ponder/ to remember
It was a gift to savor
From a friend/ a neighbor
It is seen daily at breakfast

“Love your enemies,
Pray for those who persecute you” it reads

Can I pull this in/ to my heart
Can I let it in/ to live there/ will I even try
To make it real/ or am I too afraid to feel.

Patricia builds a compelling picture to love and pray for our enemies. Yet, the challenge comes to embrace, sit, and notice when it’s staring at us every morning. What are your thoughts? Which part of this poem speaks to you? Share in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “The Picture Frame

  1. Patricia Murray creates beauty through poetry. Her writings cause me to pause during my busy days.

  2. Quite compelling and something I’ve thought on many times in my aged years and now to have this brought back to me except not in a negative form but through a dear friend causes me no pause but rather to remember to do what is right…Praying even for those who we’ve known are unapproachable and without a redeeming bone in their bodies and yet that is precisely the reason…to pray.
    Thank you Phyllis. You are a blessing.

  3. Yes, especially for those who are unapproachable. Perhaps the only way they can be reached is through prayer and we may never see it. Lynn, thank you for another perspective

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