God Completes What He Begins

Thoughts of new projects, new habits, new books to read, and New Year’s resolutions often become unfinished dreams manifesting well into the third month of the new year. I often find myself giving up then finding a second wind to resurrect these same ideas during the last months of the year. Just like an “aha” moment, they beg to capture first place on the current calendar but frequently recycle into the coming year’s pile of dreams.

I’m glad God is able to finish what He starts.

When I look at new seasons of my life, I see them as a continuation of what God is developing in me rather than seeing them as new beginnings.

Even writing this blogpost comes from a desire the Lord placed in me years ago. Over the years, I followed my dream to write. I studied Communications in college. I wanted to be a Journalist. Although my career took a different path—while focusing my efforts to raise a family—the dedication to follow my dream to write has not waivered. During that time, I wrote curriculum, contributed chapters to books, and taught speaking and writing. Now, I am able to see the greater purpose of what God confirmed in me. It’s still being developed today, but God changed the way I would use the gift.

What has God stirred in you? What is He developing in you to see it to completion? Is it a relationship? Is it writing a book? Is it learning how to paint? It may be to start eating healthy and exercising. It may be spending more time in devotion with Him or starting a bible study. The important part is to acknowledge the start up, keep moving forward, and don’t give up.

When God initiates a good work in us, He continues it.

I tend to place parameters on my accomplishments. I follow patterns of setting definitive beginnings and endings. We all work, then we retire. We go to school, then we graduate. We buy homes, then we downsize. I can look back at what I have accomplished and decide to rest in them. But I am learning these accomplishments are meant to further develop me and connect me to the work God wants to complete. So God keeps moving me forward.

Just because I am done; it doesn’t mean God is done.

The process to finish is ongoing, takes time, and endures past our confines. “And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6). God began a good work in me. The result: a new life in Christ. He is able to finish the work when He chooses. I don’t know about you, but I need a long course in character development even when it feels like I am starting over again.

So, in this first month of the new year, I acknowledge the freedom to set new goals, new resolutions, and new habits with the realization they will not be complete in a year’s time. If you have been working through something for years (feeling the need for a new beginning) you may just need a revival to refresh the dream, the relationship, or the healing God has already begun.

This refreshing reveals a new perspective, a new love, and a new perseverance to the ongoing circumstances. Know that God is perfecting it, developing it, and bringing it to full completion.