The Tea Tree


I love essential oils. I love the scents. I love the feeling of relaxing once I’ve applied them to my joints and to the bottoms of my feet. Diffusing  oils at night while I sleep, and placing them in bath water to relieve stress has become my routine. These potent gifts from the earth, bring healing. You might say I am a connoisseur of essential oils. One specific oil helps to heal wounds. When inhaled, it also treats coughs and colds.  This Tea Tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia, a tree native to Australia. The power of healing comes in many forms of plant life through medicines, foods, and just breathing in the aromas. We have examples in the Bible of healing leaves. ( Psalm 1:3, Jeremiah 17:8, Revelation 22:2) Our ultimate source of healing is dependent in God’s tree of life where the beautiful ornamentation of His love and grace collectively brings eternal spiritual healing upon every wound we experience.

Imagine sitting under a tea tree, embracing its healing properties. What ideas come to mind while sitting under this tree on a lazy afternoon? Do you see your dreams come alive pushing their way out from the deep roots? Maybe you think back to your childhood hearing laughter as you watched squirrels scamper about. Maybe the gift of silver being refined allows you to open the box of healing. Maybe you hope for the healing of nations that is needed in our world today.

My guest, Patricia Murray, writes this poem.

The Tea Trees

Does this chair know my name?
Do the walls dry my tears
With their corners?
Can the floor smile at me
When people walk away?
Will the tile remember my footprints?

Hiding my dreams buried in the roots
Of the tea trees-in a silver box
Laughter and chuckles bubble up
From the soil of lavender grace
Skunks and squirrels playing
Patty cake-

Making my heart sing an
Opera melody to the sky
Asking God why, why, why.
I need answers God-

Why am I here?
Show me-tell me and
I will wait by the tea trees-
For you lullaby to comfort me.
In the midst of troubles and fears
Again, I will wait by the trees and sip my pain 
With my pinky finger up.

The wind is blowing through the branches-
Leaves falling and sorrow is dying
Underneath the chambers of the tea trees.

I have come alive in between the soil
Of the heart break-
The tea trees have spoken to my soul.
I have awakened and buried the past.
The dawn has just opened its arms
Under the tea trees.

The roots have pushed up the silver box,
Now my dreams are flying as
Swirling sparrows kissing the fresh dew.

It has let me in, all the
Way without hesitation-
The dawn has love for me
Under the tea trees.
For I am to sit here and soak in
The new day and let it wash me clean.