God Dispenses the Wind


You lift me up to the wind and cause me to ride, And You dissolve me in a storm.  Job 30:22


God draws us close to him clothing us with his protection. He lifts us in the storms when it seems everything has been pulled away from under us. When it seems as if we only have one leg to stand on, His protection is perfect for the winds that come.

While visiting the beach, I stop for a bite to eat. Quietly sitting at the pier, and watching the sailboats ride the tops of waves, I turn to the right and notice a one-legged seagull standing on a boardwalk post. Its left foot seems to be cut off at the knee resembling a stick. The wind whistles through the air and captures me with its strong gusts. I look at the seagull. It, in turn, looks at me unfazed by the strength of the winds coming from the ocean. I pull my jacket close to my body, yet the seagull is able to stand firm on one leg unmoved by the winds as if it’s a normal occurrence.


Winds Refresh Us

God equips us to stand even with our cumbersome hindrances. Many times we feel as if we have one leg to stand on, especially, when the winds come to knock us down. God’s design for us in the storm is to lose any ties that bind us to earthly matters.

Strong winds loosen the debris clamoring for and holding on to our souls.

Winds show up to consume our fears and failures. For God’s children, winds often come as cyclones but are not designed to draw us into tunnels of darkness.

If God is the one who dispenses the wind, will he leave us to its destruction?

God equips us through the storms of life.

March ends the winter season and, at the same time, begins the spring season. These two seasons strike against one another with forceful impacting winds. The harsh winds at the beginning of the month gradually release their grip to give way to the milder winds at the end of the month.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. In much the same way, God brings the harsh winds then leads us to the soft gentle breezes after the storms.

God’s Gentle Breeze

We are changed for the good or the bad as a result of the winds. We can allow the winds of our circumstances to blow lies of sand in our eyes so we can’t see the truth. We can allow the winds to dry out fruit on the vine so we don’t grow to maturity in Christ. Or we can allow the fresh winds of God’s Spirit, no matter how harsh, shape us by allowing the winds to erode our rough surfaces. It’s our choice.

Even in the winds, the seagull has the ability to stand strong or to fly away.

We too can stand strong in the midst of the storms. Running away is not a good option.

The gentle winds come surely as our seasons change. As the cold harsh winds give way to the warm gentle breezes, erosion in our soul gives way to new growth. A new season begins. We flourish and fly with new breath in our lungs, fresh courage in our hearts, and renewed hope in our spirit. We don’t depend on our two legs or even one leg to stand in the storm.

We depend on the fresh wind of God’s spirit to sweep us off our feet.  We are not given over to destruction.

Yet on this day, God’s creation displays to me His majesty. God is able to lift me above the gusts, even with the hindrance of one leg. The glory of His majesty is watching the seagull fly away no longer agitated by the winds – a beautiful sight to behold.

When God lifts me up to fly on the winds of His wings, all substance attempting to weigh me down drifts away.

And I soar to new heights.



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