Wonder Woman, Human Trafficking, and Bible Study

The movie Wonder Woman brought many women, young and old, to the theatre.

Superhero mentality has been attributed mostly to men and this curiosity from women results in rave reviews for this movie. I must admit I saw the movie two times.

The Wonder Woman movie depicts a young girl, Diana, who desires to be raised as an Amazon Princess warrior.  

But her mother is against it. After relentless prodding from Diana, her mother finally releases her daughter to achieve her heroic goal.

Diana leaves her world to fight a just war and discovers her true identity.

Many young girls are not raised to believe they can fight for an honorable cause. In fact, the Bible tells us we are more than conquerors and we are in a spiritual battle. Whether we are believers in Christ or non-believers, a battle is waging for our souls.

The earlier young girls are trained to fight spiritual battles, the earlier they can develop a mind and heart to fight for those who need to be freed from evil. 

One scene from the movie grabbed my attention.

This was when Wonder Woman was fighting a battle in the trenches and bullets were blazing all around. She looked around at those paralyzed in the trenches and fixed her eyes on a woman and her children crying out for help.

The sight of this mother fueled Wonder Woman’s tenacious fight to deliver them.

Does our compassion for the demoralized lives of fellow human beings compel us to go to war on their behalf?

Human Trafficking

Many people are taking on the fight against the evil of sex slavery in our nation. This evil that devalues men and women.

Human Trafficking is prevalent around the world and in the United States. It is the forced trade of people, especially women and children.

The Human Trafficking hotline.org states: Human trafficking is a crime involving the exploitation of someone for the purposes of compelled labor or a commercial sex act through the use of force, fraud, or coercion. Human trafficking affects individuals across the world, including here in the United States, and is commonly regarded as one of the most pressing human rights issues of our time. Human trafficking affects every community in the United States across age, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Many victims are hiding in plain view and as minor runaways who lack a loving and supportive network. Some victims are locked behind doors. Still, other victims are lured into trafficking on the Internet.

The fight against this evil begins with education.

The awareness of trafficking in our communities is the first step. After I attended an informational presentation on Human Trafficking, I became more aware of these women in my surroundings.

I noticed a young woman sitting by herself outside of a restaurant. She resembled a normal patron, maybe waiting for someone. She didn’t have a handbag to carry her personal items. Trafficking victims have no personal items. Her clothing was tightly fitted. And upon a closer look, her outfit was mismatched.  

The only item she was holding was a cell phone.

As I watched, she quietly approached a few people coming out of the restaurant.  Because of the presentation I attended, I believed this young lady was being trafficked. I called the human trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888 to make a report. My hope is she has been rescued from this way of life.

Bible Study

I volunteer at a safe house for women who have been rescued from Human Trafficking. The trauma these women face is overwhelming.

During our time in Bible study, they see hope. One day during our study, we ventured onto the topic of the Wonder Woman movie.

And that was the end of our structured study for that day!

I had not yet seen the movie, but these women strongly encouraged me to see it. They became excited as they were telling me about the movie. They told me they never knew girls could fight well and still embrace their femininity. In fact, one young woman stood up to show me “sword” moves. I sat engrossed in their excitement and in their newfound estimation of themselves.

After discussing the accolades of the movie, we returned to the scriptures in Judges. We talked about the warriors Deborah and Jael, who brought about the death of Sisera, the commander of an invading army. We ended the bible study in prayer and with a joy that has stayed with me over this past year.

As I left to go out the door, one of the young ladies stretched out a pretend sword to remind me that I am a warrior.

The lessons I’ve received from spending time with these young ladies and our time in Bible study brought about a renewed hope. A hope for the warrior in the young ladies to rise above their circumstances and to rise to a hope in Christ Jesus.

He fights her battles and gives her His sword, so she, too, can find her true identity.

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